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Close the Gaps for Good

Close up of smile with missing tooth

Tooth loss is more common than you might have thought; about 120 million Americans are currently missing at least one permanent tooth. If you’re part of that statistic, you don’t need to deal with the difficulties of an incomplete smile any longer. At Southlake Family Dentistry, Dr. Priya Chougule offers long-lasting tooth replacements that look just like your natural teeth. We use only the most lifelike materials and tailor each treatment to give you the personalized results you need. To explore our options, read on below, or give us a call to discuss available options to replace missing teeth in Fort Mill, SC!


Why Choose Southlake Family Dentistry for Tooth Replacement?

  • High-Quality Materials from the Best Dental Labs
  • Digital Dental Impressions Without Messy Putty
  • Partnered with Dental Implant Experts in the Area


Dental Bridges

Animated smile during dental bridge placement

Replacing one, two, or three missing teeth in a row is relatively simple with a dental bridge. We string a certain number of artificial teeth in between two dental crowns, which are each fitted over the natural teeth at the ends of the empty space. This allows the dental bridge to quite literally “bridge” the gap! Because we use lifelike materials like porcelain and zirconia, no one should be able to tell the difference between your bridge and your natural pearly whites.


Full set of dentures

A tried-and-true tooth replacement, dentures have become more comfortable and realistic than ever before. Dr. Chougule can design a customized prosthetic to meet your specific needs. For full-arch tooth loss, she can create a full denture that sits on your gums. If you only need to fill in a few sporadic gaps, she can also make a partial denture that seamlessly completes your grin.

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Dental Implants 

Animated smile with dental implant supported dental crown

Instead of resting on your gums or remaining teeth, dental implants are self-supporting, artificial tooth roots that are surgically inserted into the jawbone. Therefore, they can provide a strong foundation for a crown, bridge, or denture to be placed on top. This way, the new teeth will always stay in place no matter what you’re eating, and you can expect them to last for 30 years on average, possibly even longer.

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