The Best (and Worst) Fruits for Good Dental Health

June 1, 2018

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Fruit: It’s healthy, and that means it’s good for your teeth, right? While this is true in most cases, there are a few exceptions. Since summer is a great time to enjoy a variety of fruit, read on for some information about choosing the best (and worst) fruits when it comes to your dental health.


You’ve heard the adage, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” and you might not realize that enjoying these crunchy fruits can also keep the dentist away (not that you’d want to, of course!). The act of chewing apples creates friction around the teeth and gums that physically scrubs plaque and food debris off of these surfaces. If you can’t brush your teeth after lunch, crunching on a few slices of a crisp apple can help stave off the bacteria that causes cavities. Naturally, you will want to brush when you are able to.


High in vitamin C, strawberries are little powerhouses in the vitamin and health department. They also contain a bit of acid which can neutralize the bacteria hanging out in your mouth. In addition, they are similar to apples in that they create a scrubbing action as you chew them. Strawberries can be eaten whole or sliced up in a fruit salad. One caveat: If you have small pits in your teeth, the tiny seeds can get caught, so be sure to brush and floss well to remove them.

Raisins (and Other Dried Fruit)

Dried fruit is on the list of the worst fruits to eat for good dental health. Why? It’s sticky and contains concentrated sugars without any extra liquid to help wash it off of your teeth. Eating raisins, dried apricots, and dried dates can actually make your teeth less healthy! While it’s fine to eat these foods, it’s very important to brush well afterward to remove traces of the sweet snacks from your teeth so as not to attract the bacteria that causes dental cavities.

With summer right around the corner, fruit makes a great dessert and snack. You can also add it to any meal for a nutritional boost. Just be sure that you choose wisely when it comes to your dental health.

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